Hog Roast Dungeness

Dungeness houses all kinds of wonderful and exotic fauna and wildlife not usually found elsewhere in the UK, but perhaps the most exotic find of all that you might hope to catch roaming the streets and gardens of Dungeness is the great Hog Roast Dungeness hog- a perfectly crafted dish made exactly for the cut and thrust of event dining and special catering. These slow roasted pigs are hot to trot for every type of occasion, from weddings, corporate functions, dinner parties, birthdays, to festivals, social club nights and so much more! Be sure to get in quick before they vanish back into the wilds though!

If you are lucky enough to land a Hog Roast Dungeness special hog roast then here’s what to expect: traditionally made slow roast deliciousness complete with a well charred crispy skin balanced by a juicy meaty layer inside, bursting with flavour and good tender textures ideal for pulling or chopping into a variety of different roast dishes. Hog Roast Dungeness also brings style to the day as well in the way we cook and serve. There are few finer sights than our whole hog sat atop and crisping on a Hog Roast Dungeness trademark Hog Master or Titan roast machine. With these machines we’ve co-opted the simple traditions of the classic hog roast with modern efficiency and versatility making it ideal for event catering.

Delicious Delights In Dungeness

Our promise at Hog Roast Dungeness is to always bring the best in dining direct to your event. That is why we never limit our menu and will work with you to choose the right serving options and food combinations from our extensive range of meat, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options personal to you and your event.

No matter the size of your budget or event we will always find the right fit for you. Work with our team to find a combination set-menu or buffet option made personal to your needs and wants – we are always more than happy to work as flexibly as needed to you and your budget.

So don’t delay – call Hog Roast Dungeness today and bring the premium taste of the nation’s best caterer to your next event!