Hog Roast Hastings

Hog Roast HastingsThe historical seaside resort and fishing port of Hastings has a lot to offer when it comes to choosing a venue for your event. If you want to take advantage of the lovely coastal views by hosting an event outdoors or in a venue near the sea without having to limit your catering options, this is where we come in. We are the number one hog roast company in the area, and we have the ability to cook up a storm in any location in Hastings. The adaptable Hog Roast Hastings team can cater to an extremely high standard in indoor or outdoor environment and our versatile equipment can be easily transported to and used in any location. We also have an impressive range of modern menus that are designed to suit all tastes and events and meet different dietary requirements. This means that if you hire us to cater for your event, you really can have it all – the freedom to host your event in your ideal location in Eastbourne, along with a polished and professional menu that will meet your requirements to the letter.

Hastings Very Own Number 1 Hog Roasters

Hog Roast HastingsOur menus reflect the diversity of events we are capable of catering for. We offer a variety of different slow roasted meats in addition to our signature pork, as well as a broad selection of meat and dairy free dishes. We want everyone to love our food and we are always happy to alter any part of your menu to cater for specific requirements to ensure that all of your guests feel included and well taken care of.

Here at Hog Roast Hastings the quality of our ingredients is something that we take very seriously. We only ever use the best ethically reared meat and carefully selected local produce in all of our dishes, and what’s more we prepare every element all of our menus from scratch on-site.

Whether you require a sophisticated 3 course meal for your wedding reception, a large, varied buffet for a private party or some of our classic hog roast sandwiches for a public event, the Hog Roast Hastings team can offer you your perfect menu served to you in style in your dream location anywhere in Hastings.