Hog Roast Robertsbridge

Robertsbridge is said to date back to the year 1176, and, let us tell you, even in this medieval age the very first inhabitants of the Robertsbridge Cistercian abbey may well have been feasting on a good ol’ British hog roast. Now, close to 1000 years on those same tastes can still be alive and well in Robertsbridge with Hog Roast Robertsbridge – though perhaps with a bit more taste and texture to them! Hog Roast Robertsbridge provides stylish event dining to every occasion in the village of Robertsbridge and throughout Kent. Our special catering style recreates the traditions of old as our service revolves around mostly around the hog roast.

This great British delicacy has served us and you for well over 20 years now and shows no signs of slowing down – after all, it has historically survived hundreds of years previously! Our methods might have had some updating in since those first Robertsbridge founders, however. We’ve specially designed our own mobile hog roast units to preserve the style of the traditional roasting method while allowing it to become a better, more versatile and efficient process capable of being taken on the road and serving any location, occasion, or even number of guests.

So, for your weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, small dinner parties, festivals and more choose Hog Roast Robertsbridge for all your event dining needs today! This is a premium dining experience that adds style and flair to the table, but, thankfully, not a lengthy bill. Our services are affordable and entirely flexible to your needs and budget.

Bridging Communities with Hog Roast Robertsbridge

Hog Roast Robertsbridge believes in the personal touch when it comes to catering. For us our role is to serve you absolutely and work in whatever way we can to ensure your dream food vision comes to fruition. Just ask any of our long-term customers, the more you work with Hog Roast Robertsbridge the better we get with providing you proper and zero fuss care. This is event dining the way it is supposed to be done, and with the friendly care of Hog Roast Robertsbridge it couldn’t be any better.

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