Hog Roast Battle

Named for one of Britain’s most historic battles, the Battle of Hastings, the humble town of Battle is a most fascinating historical site indeed. Here where William of Normandy defeated King Harold II in 1066 we have no doubts that many a feast would have been had, and we have little doubts too that the great hog roast would not have also been a part of this celebratory mealtimes. Now though, you don’t need to win your valour on the battlefield to be rewarded with the crispy textures and juicy tastes of a fine hog roast; Hog Roast Battle are providing that pleasure instead for only a small affordable cost to events all throughout town.

Bring your event into the echelons of kings with Hog Roast Battle’s famous event catering and hog roast dining today!  With over 20 years of experience, we are specialists in fine meat cooking, with a team of expert chefs dedicated to serving up the most exquisite hog roast in the whole country to all manner of special occasions. Hog Roast Battle serves up unforgettable dining to weddings, corporate events, festivals, anniversary dinners, social club nights and so much more! No need to prove your mettle in battle first, just give us a quick call instead!

The hog roast is a favourite of all our guests. Its stylish slow roasting process looks brilliant on the day, and its fresh tastes, fine salted flavourings and delicious crispy textures are just the tonic for any event. So don’t miss out today!

Battling To The Top In Battle

Hog Roast Battle are the nation’s best for event dining. Our secret lays in the personal touch and friendly excitement we bring to every occasion. We enjoy events just as much as your guests do, and we only hope to help them enjoy the day as much as we enjoy serving up these delicious treats. With a whole host of top-quality products too there is no end to the brilliance of Hog Roast Battle. Joining our hog roast is a full complement of meaty sides, vegan mains, veggie varieties and even gluten free substitutes. With Hog Roast Battle it is fine dining done your way!

So don’t miss out – get calling today!