Hog Roast Camber


Hog Roast CamberFor a quality dining experience made affordable come to Hog Roast Camber for all your event catering this year in Camber .At Hog Roast Camber we have refined a fuller dining experience that goes far beyond just putting a meal to the table; our unique speciality is in premium hog and food roasts made in the traditional ways of old. Our penchant for classic spit roasting marks us out from all other caterers on the market as we provide a spectacle of traditional roasting to go along with a fine meal of exceptional proportions. So, for your weddings, corporate functions, birthday’s, anniversary bashes, festivals, social club nights and more be sure to come here, to Hog Roast Camber, for the best premium roast dining you’ll ever have the pleasure of indulging in.

With the golden beachy dunes of Camber and the ocean views it is sometimes easy to forget that you’re still in the UK when in the village of Camber, but our event dining will have you feeling right at home again with great British tastes and traditional roast foods. The hog roast is an age-old dish in Britain, dating even as far back as the Saxons, and it has long been a favourite for event and communal dining. Traditionally the hog roast would be a feast for all with the fire pit roast providing a bit of entertainment to the community while also keeping everyone well fed. Our hog roast is no different (though maybe a little more efficient in practice). Your event benefits from this fiery display as well as even better tastes throughout your meat. It needs to be tried to be believed though!

Catering Care In Camber

Hog Roast CamberWith an extensive range of quality foods there are plenty ways to dine with Hog Roast Camber. We always recommend our speciality hog roast but you’ll have full access to a wide range of menus and serving styles to suit your event. Pick the foods you want and the service you want for your event, and we’ll make sure it comes in under your budget without limiting you on quality!

So, don’t hesitate – give Hog Roast Camber a call today and bring fine dining to your next celebration!