Hog Roast Challock

Do you live in Challock, Kent? If so, you may want to read more about our exquisite Hog Roast Challock services in the surrounding region. Hog roasts have become an extremely popular catering option in the last few years as it is a unique visual experience as well as guaranteeing an exceptional taste that you won’t experience anywhere else – what’s more, we’re happy to meet any budget that is thrown at us so you’ll never be turned away if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful catering solution for your upcoming event.

We Also Cater For Those Who Are Vegan, Vegetarian And Gluten-Free in Challock

Over our years in the trade, our experience in this industry has grown dramatically and we have had the pleasure of serving thousands of people over the years. From serving small groups of people in back gardens to crowds at festivals and markets, we have flourished into a bespoke company that has gone from strength to strength. This doesn’t mean to say that we won’t cater for your small function – we’re happy to adapt to any environment for any number of guests. However, do bear in much that the more guests you invite, the more economical a hog roast service will be as there will be minimal waste.

You have the option to choose the size of pig for your spit roast; allowing us to tailor the needs and requirements of your hog and spit roasted events with absolute ease. However, for guests that are on strict diets, we also serve a selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. If you wish to customse any dish we offer – you have the freedom to do so and one of our expert chefs can also give their opinion if you’d like some advice.


Get in touch with our Hog Roast Challock team today to book our service for your upcoming event.