Hog Roast Coxheath

Hog Roast CoxheathThe village of Coxheath once played a vital role as a signal bonfire for kingdoms to view from all around when needed. Evidence of this is still marked today on the villages coat of arms and a landmark beacon pole! But since those fires have stopped burning for the last few centuries, we at Hog Roast Coxheath thought it might be worth using the heralded bonfire for a new, vital reason. But rather than signalling for emergencies, this bright flame merely signals great food and service at your events!

Hog Roast Coxheath is an event caterer specialising in hog roasts – a traditional dish that was typically cooked right as far back as the Saxons for grand feasts in communities. The hog roast is traditionally cooked in a huge fire pit not too dissimilar to Coxheath’s bonfire, and would provide a marvel for communities to enjoy while a whole pig is cooked perfectly out in front of them. Now the hog roast is a little more manageable thanks to our mobile roasting units in place of the old pit, and we have made it an absolute premium dish for events up and down the nation!

From weddings to parties, corporate functions, town celebrations, festivals and more, Hog Roast Coxheath is here to provide a different type of event dining experience that will really brighten up your event. You can expect exceptional meat offerings roasted to perfection as well as a slew of brilliant veggie and vegan meals, homemade sides, pastries, salads, canapes, desserts and more. It is the perfect dining package for your event this year!

Quality Guaranteed In Coxheath

Hog Roast CoxheathWhen you come to Hog Roast Coxheath you are receiving more than just a great meal. Our services add a touch of style and spectacle to the day with the brilliant display of proper hog roast cooking making for a fine sight indeed. Even better than this show of roast brilliance is its tasty results, with its long slow cook resulting in a delicious, charred texturing around the pork skin and a juicy layer of the most delicious, tender meat inside. This is roast dining the way it is supposed to be!

Don’t just take our word for it though, call Hog Roast Coxheath today and experience this special dining event for yourself!