Hog Roast Pevensey

If you’re tired of all the usual tired and tried catering experiences then worry no longer. Treat yourself right by calling Hog Roast Pevensey today to provide a food experience that really lives up to the billing of a special event. At Hog Roast Pevensey we put modern flair back into the traditional roast feasts of old with our genuine quality hog roasts available for hire for events all throughout Pevensey. Bring a unique dining and quality traditions to your next wedding, corporate function, Christmas party, birthday, festival or more!

At Hog Roast Pevensey we endeavour to bring your event up to a standard that won’t soon be forgotten. One of the ways we do this is in the stylish sight of our own designed hog roasting machines. They combine the traditional simplistic principles of proper spit roasting with a touch of our own additions in ensuring better versatility, efficiency and ease of use. The results are also all the better for our Hog Master and Titan roasting machines.

Equipped with one of these the intimidating hog roast is now your best and easiest dish to really impress you friends and family. Just prep your pig with some salting and spicing and set it and forget it. The result will still be something to boast about as you fine perfect cooked tender meat with all the flavoursome juiciness you crave along with a good balance of crispy texturing around the skin. You can take the credit of course, but just be sure to tell them that it wouldn’t have been possible without Hog Roast Pevensey!

Event Dining And Hired Services with Hog Roast Pevensey

Aside from hiring our hog roasting equipment Hog Roast Pevensey are also available to get all the food sorted for you ourselves. We have many menu options to tinker to your event’s style and tastes. Fancy the taste of the Mediterranean? Go for our Al Fresco platters then. The smoky tastes of the American South? We’ve got perfect options for that too. And, of course, never forget our famed hog roast itself – a dish so good we couldn’t help but set our name by it!

Whatever you need, however you want it, Hog Roast Pevensey will see you right!