Bank Holiday Dining With Hog Roast Coxheath

Hog Roast CoxheathThe four-day Easter Weekend was a great break for many, but here at Hog Roast Coxheath we were even more hard at work than usual as we were out all across the area attending and catering your special Easter and bank holiday events. The sun was out, and we had guests pigging out with our special hog roasts and our freshly catered menus – a perfect way to kick back and enjoy the extended Spring weekend!

An event at the weekend is great at the best of times, but when you’ve got those extra days to relax (and perhaps recover) a Saturday event ends up being even better since everyone can let loose just that tad more than usual without Monday work hanging over their head. At bank holiday events this weekend guests celebrated Easter the right way with a delicious selection of roast courses. Our hog roast is always extremely popular, but come spring our lamb roast also proves to be an excellent choice for many, and coupled with our buttered new potatoes and baby roast potatoes it’s a sure-fire winner to celebrate Easter. For Spring of course you want a nice bit of green and colour on your plate too, and our freshly prepared Caesar salads and our homemade coleslaw side does just that, brining an excellent vibrancy to your roast and some lovely light freshness to balance against the heavier meat and potatoes.

Hog Roast CoxheathFor guests that hadn’t filled up on chocolate easter eggs in the morning we also had some excellent Easter surprises to satisfy that sweet tooth. Our homemade cheesecake is an excellent little palette cleanser for dessert, or our tarte au citron served with fresh berries and a fresh fruit coulis, or for the chocolate lovers out there that haven’t had enough our chocolate torte was a very popular choice.

The 4 day weekend was incredible for our Hog Roast Coxheath teams, and they’ve more than earned a little bit of a rest this week now, though only for a little while because there are still plenty more events to come throughout April!