Brunch with Hog Roast Hollingbourne

Hog Roast HollingbourneHere at Hog Roast Hollingbourne we tend to specialise in dinner and lunch dining. Our roasts take a lot of time to make, and so they aren’t normally viable for a breakfast catering option, and nor does a large roast at that time particularly fit for the time of day. But when it comes to brunch, well now Hog Roast Hollingbourne are back in a place to be able to serve!

That was the case for the Hog Roast Hollingbourne team the other week when a customer of ours required a brunch and drinks service for their baby shower. The event was to be a fairly small affair at the customer’s home with a couple friends and family members originally coming for coffees and a few bites, but our customer then decided to jazz up their event a little by calling in Hog Roast Hollingbourne. As a time set for 12pm for the food our customer wanted a blend of brunch offering with a couple of glasses of champagne or shandies too.

This required our team to start work on our hog roast very early in the morning – they take around 4-6 hours to cook to our perfect standard – as the roast would then be shredded into pulled pork for a breakfast roll filling – the perfect blend of morning and lunch dining.

Hog Roast HollingbourneWe also had a few small sides of tomato and halloumi crostini’s, mini smoked salmon wedges, fresh salad, roasted baby potatoes, gourmet sausages also for roll fillings, and a platter of fine meats and cheeses with artisanal breads. These options were designed to satisfy the brunch crowd as they provided a generally lighter option that is still more substantial than a breakfast service.

This type of service is not something we typically do, but at Hog Roast Hollingbourne we are always excited to try new approaches, and with over 20 years behind us anything out of the ordinary is always extremely attractive to us as a caterer. Who knows, perhaps our hog roast brunches could be the new trendy thing in brunch dining! So you can all thank Hog Roast Hollingbourne now!